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6 Reasons You Should Add A Pinball Machine to Your Bar Today

classic pinball gamesDo you run a bar and want to keep things fresh? Consider adding an area where your guests can play classic pinball games. These pinball machines can draw more people into your business while differentiating you from all the other bars in your area.

Timeless gaming
Despite the presence of consoles, pinball games remain timeless and suitable for most ages. They can take your customers on a trip down memory lane, especially if you cater to people who enjoyed those games in their youth. But make no mistake—younger people love them. Pinball machines have an inimitable charm that you simply can’t get from more modern video gaming consoles.

Great aesthetics
Classic pinball machines come in different sizes, designs, and themes, so you shouldn’t have any problems finding one or two that match the look and feel of your bar. You can even design your bar’s interiors around your new machines, in case you are looking to redecorate or change up your theme.

Lots of choices
As you explore the available range of pinball machines, you are likely to find products from known arcade gaming companies like Stern Electronics. A new Stern pinball will be a great addition to your bar. Its Beatlemania Pinball machine is one of its popular limited-edition models, attracting fans of The Beatles—and younger players who don’t really know much about the legendary band. Despite its vintage look, it plays like a modern unit with an HD video screen and groovy in-game sound effects that will take you back in time.

Not just for display
Does your bar have a retro or vintage theme? Classic pinball games can elevate its look. Joystix carries an array of pinball games from popular genres and franchises, inspired by your favorite sports themes, TV shows, movies, bands, and much more. They are not just for display. You and your customers can actually use and play them.

Host competitions

Your new Stern pinball won’t just keep your customers entertained. You can use it to engage your loyal clients and attract new ones. How? By hosting pinball gaming events and competitions. Don’t forget to provide attractive prizes to keep contestants happy and entertained. And of course, you can take advantage of the event to get some marketing buzz.

Bring more people in—and get them to stay
Pinball is usually a ‘social’ game. It’s true that it is played by one person at a time, but those players will likely bring friends—which means more revenue for your bar. A pinball machine will encourage groups of people to visit your establishment for some good old clean fun and drinking. And because pinball is such a simple game, anyone can play.

Are you interested in shopping for pinball machines for your business? You can’t go wrong with Joystix. Check out our selection of classic pinball games to see if there’s anything you want to know more about. Don’t hesitate to ask for more information. All our machines are tested, cleaned, and guaranteed to be in full working condition before they are delivered.

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