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Aerosmith Premium Pinball


Stern Pinball’s Aerosmith Premium Edition machines reflect the high-energy and excitement that accompanies the experience of a live Aerosmith concert. Players will rock to nine famous Aerosmith hits in the concert arena playfield and embark on an exhilarating pinball experience.

Players score points and finish game objectives to raise the audience’s levels of energy, thrill and enjoyment. Higher scores amplify the experience–the higher the energy level, the bigger and louder the show–resulting in an Aerosmith pinball experience that cannot be matched.

Features of the Aerosmith Premium Edition Pinball include:

  • A soundtrack with 9 iconic Aerosmith hits
  • Original hand-drawn art by “Dirty” Donny Gillies
  • An interactive “Jacky in the Box” mechanical feature on the playfield
  • High-Definition graphics and innovative animation on a new HD LCD
  • Modern and classic pinball features for all skill levels
  • “Love in an Elevator” molded toy on upper playfield
  • Rats in the Cellar spinner
  • Elevator Ball Scoop
  • 9 Aerosmith spell-out stand-up
  • Upper playfield with Flipper, 5 targets, orbit and 5 flashers
  • Jacky speech calls by Brendon Small from Adult Swim
  • Jacky’s 3D Sculpted Interactive mechanical ball locking toy box
  • Airborne kicker launched ball into Jacky’s toy box
  • Dual Chrome finish ramps
  • Dirty Donny purple “Stone” art package
  • 14 color-changing RGB LED’s under playfield main shot inserts and upper playfield inserts
  • Stereo Hi-Fidelity Sound System

Manufacture: Stern

Year: 2017


Height: 75.5″
Width: 27″
Depth: 55″

250 lbs


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