Austin Powers With LED Upgrades


This game has to be one of the craziest pinballs ever made! If you are an Austin Powers fan then here is the game for you! Check out all these toys and features of the game:


There is a Doctor Evil that comes up from the bottom of the playfield and you hit it with the ball to get points and multi ball features.

There is a dancing Austin Powers model that spins back and forth when you hit the shot.

Shoot the toilet to lock the ball and hear Fat Bastard yell at you!

Shoot up the left ramp repeatedly to light the shot for the Freaking Laser Beam! The laser beams moves left to right and you and fire it onto the playfield.

Hit Mini Me by shooting the ball around the left side orbit. He spins upside down!

Take aim for the spinning magnetic time machine up the middle of the playfield. Sometimes it will go through to a ramp that goes behind the playfield and sometimes it will catch the ball and shoot it back down at you.

Austin Powers, Dr. Evil, Mini Me, Fat Bastard and many of the other characters of the movie will chime out at you as you play this action packed game!

Side rail armor was also installed on the game to prevent wear around the flipper area.

Manufacture: Stern

Year: 2001


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