Here is one that does not come around often! Our Corvette pinball came out of collectors home and is in excellent shape. Originally Corvette was intended to be a wide body pinball but at the last minute, Bally decided it was cost prohibitive and stuffed everything into a regular width pinball machine. The result…a ton of cool toys and ramps! On the right side of the playfield, there is a drag strip with two race cars. The car on the left is yours and if you shoot the lit shots correctly, your car will inch up ahead of the computer and if done consecutively, you will get the to finish line first!

There is also a LT1 engine ball lock that shakes and simulates an idling motor. The balls then get released in multi-ball! Multiple ramps are present and the action is very fast paced!

THIS ARE STOCK PHOTOS, high res photos are available upon request.


Height: 75.5″
Width: 27″
Depth: 55″

210 lbs