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Creature from the Black Lagoon With LED Upgrades


This game is becoming one of the hardest titles to find lately. Relive all your 50s memories with this fun family friendly pinball. One of the most innovative toys in pinball has been the Creature from the Black Lagoon hologram which lights up under the playfield when you light the video mode! The Creature moves back and forth taunting you! Follow the scrolling lights and shoot up the whirlpool ramp to start a multiball feature or shoot the Snack Bar targets for big bonus points. There are tons of other cool features to this game. This game was owned by a fellow collector and has the following upgrades. -New coin door installed. -New legs, leg levelers, leg bolts and leg cabinet protectors have been added. -New display was recently installed. -New glass was installed.-Recently shop out with new lights and rubbers. This game is sure to be a hit with any family!

Manufacture: Bally

Year: 1993


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