Last Action Hero


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SORRY WE ARE CURRENTLY OUT OF THIS GAME. This is one of my favorite pinball machines and MUCH better than the movie!
Last Action Hero has a ton of cool features. Hit all 5 drop targets to spell CRANE and the crane moves and docks awaiting to be loaded. Once the ball is shot into the up kicker, the ball is loaded into the crane and it moves the ball onto the other side of the playfield. The crane can load a total of 3 balls and then your multiball feature will occur with up to 6 balls at once. There are magnets under the playfield that make the balls divert all over the playfield. A shaker motor vibrates when the pop bumpers or slingshots are activated and there is even a smart missle button that you can press once during the game to enable a quick multiball. Like I said, this is one awesome game and it looks and plays like brand new!

Out of stock

Manufacture: Data East

Year: 1993


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