Medieval Madness Remake


This is a brand new version of the smash hit that Williams introduced in 1997.

This beautiful recreation features brand new LED lighting on both the upper and lower playfield in addition to having new electronics throughout.

Now you can choose your own custom color for the dot matrix display including green, red, blue, magenta, silver, purple, orange and many others!

Additionally now you can set the strength levels on both flippers, slingshots, and catapult and other coils on the machine!

The machine plays exactly how you would imagine an original new Bally or Williams game just opened from the box.

Some of the game features include:
-Motorized draw bridge that really opens up

-Castle gate that raises as it is hit

-Exploding castle walls when ball is hit inside

-Troll that pop up above the playfield. Hit them to earn points and send them back beneath the playfield!

Be sure to order yours today!

Manufacture: Chicago Gaming

Year: 2016


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