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Metallica Monster Premium


Out of Stock

• 12 Classic music tracks
• Electric Chair and animated. writhing “Sparky” figurine
• Ball-Eating Snake with animated jaw and ball eject
• Motorized. Illuminated Grave Marker • Ball-smashing Hammer with band member images
• Stainless Steel Shooter Lane Ramp
• Stainless Steel left and right ball ramps With illuminated Metallica logos
• Wire formed ramps left and right (both feed balls back to flippers)
• Grave Marker 3 In-line Drop Targets
• Fuel StandUp Target bar assembly
• Captive Ball Target Assembly with Stand.Up Target
• Guitar Pick Stand
• Up
• Electric Chair Standup Target
• Disappearing Magnetic Ball Mechanism
• Grave Marker Ball Magnet
• Electric Chair Ball Magnet
• power Scoop Ball Eject
• Band member custom speech tracks
• Brendon Small powers voices of Sparky and The Snake
• Electronically•controlled Up post—controls Orbit Shot
• Metallica Laser cut Speaker panel logos
• Multiple color LED General Illumination lighting (red. blue.white)
• Multiple color LED Playfield Inserts (six)
• premium Metallica Translite
• Metallica premium Hi
• Definition Themed Cabinet Artwork
• Cabinet Trim and Illuminated Metal Bottom Arch in Wrinkle Black
• Classic Lock-Down Bar and Playfield Support Slides

Out of Stock



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