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Metallica Pro Pinball


Out of Stock

Please contact Charlie to be put on our waiting list for the next Metallica Pro!

New better than the original pro model! The new Metallica Pro now has LED lighting on the playfield and throughout making it look awesome! Additionally the back box has been redesigned and new artwork is placed around the speakers and dot matrix display. 2 new songs have also been added!

The gameplay is lightning fast and the music sounds like you are live at the concert! These games have been selling well and will make a great addition to the first time buyer or someone looking to add to their collection.

Check out these awesome features of the Metallica Pro Pinball:

  • 12 Classic Metallica music tracks performed by Metallica
  • Custom Molded, Electric Chair and animated, writhing SPARKEY figurine
  • Custom Molded, Ball Eating Snake with ball eject mechanism
  • Custom Molded, Illuminated Grave Marker
  • Stainless Steel Shooter Lane Ramp
  • Stainless Steel left and right ball ramps with illuminated Metallica logo
  • Wire formed ramps left and right
  • Fuel Stand Up Targets
  • Captive Ball Target Assembly with Stand Up Target
  • Guitar Pic Stand-Up Targets
  • Electric Chair Stand Up Target
  • Fuel Start Stand Up Target
  • Grave Marker Ball Magnet
  • Electric Chair Ball Magnet
  • Power Scoop Ball Eject
  • Band member custom speech tracks
  • Brenden Small from Adult Swim powers voices of Sparkey and The Snake
  • Electronically Controlled Up Post. Controls Orbit Shot
  • Red Dot Matrix display
  • Fluorescent backbox lighting
  • Pro Metallica Translite with traditional Backbox
  • Metallica Pro Hi Definition Themed Cabinet Artwork
  • Black ABS Plastic Bottom Arch

Manufacture: Stern

Year: 2015

Out of Stock


Height: 75.5″
Width: 27″
Depth: 55″

250 lbs


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