Monster Bash


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SORRY BUT THIS HAS BEEN SOLD. CONTACT CHARLES TO GET ON THE WAITING LIST FOR THE NEXT ONE. Monster Bash is one of the most sought after pinballs of all time. This pinball features many characters from Universal Pictures.
Shoot the Dracula targets and the Count himself will hover side to side on the plafield! Hit him to score big points.

One of the coolest features of the game is Frankenstein. Shoot the targets for his feet arms and chest and Frankenstein will actually stand up on the playfield and come alive!
Shoot up the ramp and watch the Bride of Frankensteins head pop up and down.
Shoot the left saucer and lock the ball to illuminate the Creature from the Black Lagoons hologram!
Shoot the upper right ramp and watch the Warewolf coffin open and he taunts you!

This game has a brand new coin door installed, new top glass, new legs, leg levelers, leg bolts, new dot matrix display added and much much more!
More pictures coming soon…

Out of stock

Manufacture: Williams

Year: 1998


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