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Pirates of the Caribbean Home Use Only With LED Upgrades and COLOR DMD


These pictures are from our previous Pirates of the Caribbean pinball machine. This machine features Comet LED lighting, Titan rubbers, a new COLOR DMD display and much more. Please contact Charlie for pictures.

POTC is one of the most sought after Stern pinball machines. This particular machine was purchased new originally from one of our customer’s and was recently traded in. It looks amazing and has custom LED lighting installed throughout the playfield. Many mods have also been added to the playfield.

This game is jammed packed with cool features!

Shoot at the ship to make it rock back and forth. Shoot it again to knock the sails down. Shoot the final deadly shot and watch the ship sink into the playfield!

Shoot the left ramp to activate the Port Royale spinning disc as your ball hits the surrounding targets simulating cannon balls knocking down the enemy’s walls.

Shoot at Davy Jones’ treasure chest to open it up.

Launch your ball into action on a multi directional ramp. There are 5 different potential paths the ball can take…watch out for the Walk the Plank shot!

Very family friendly and destined to become an all time classic!



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