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Officially licensed by the Harley-Davidson Company, this classic Jukebox has perfectly captured the American temperament. Two bald eagles, the emblem of the United States, swoop in from the pilasters, and a third eagle adorns the center panel, accompanied by two Harley-Davidson motorcycles. The Harley-Davidson’s rugged character asserts itself with arch lighting, and features illuminated custom screened glass panels.

The red, white and blue colors surround the fine, polished accents at each shoulder, and Harley-Davidson’s proud, patriotic nature is underlined by the fantastic sound output associated with the Rock-Ola brand. These icons of US culture all combine to create a true vision of American craftsmanship.

The Harley-Davidson Music Center is manufactured by Rock-Ola: creators of the only true authentic, brand new American jukebox on the planet.

Its slimline build allows it to fit comfortably in a room where space is at a premium; it is only 48cm (19inches) deep. It has the honor of having the best sound quality of any new jukebox, and is the ultimate storage system for all your favorite tracks, holding a terabyte of free space. With a 19” touchscreen monitor, you can sort through your extensive music collection, which the Music Center will then deliver using its 5 sophisticated internal speakers and QSC amplifier, to bring you perfect sound quality at both high and low volumes.

The more digital focus of the Rock-Ola Slimline Music Center jukebox means it is better suited than ever to mobile devices and sophisticated MP3 players, allowing you to download directly from a USB device, sync playlists to your device, or simply play your MP3 directly through the jukebox.

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<li>Model: QB6E-HD</li>
<li>Made in California, USA</li>
<li>CD Capacity: 13000 (downloaded in digital format)</li>
<li>Finish: Official Harley-Davidson Theme</li>
<li>Compatible with Mobile Phones and Tablets for Bluetooth streaming</li>
<li>5-Speaker, Dual 3-Way system for Live Performance Recreation (2x 3” Tweeter Speakers, 2x 6.5” Full Range Speakers, 1x 10″ Dual Voice Coil Powered Subwoofer)</li>
<li>48cm Touchscreen monitor</li>
<li>1 Terabyte of storage can accommodate up to 13,000 CDs, depending on compression preference</li>
<li>QSC 450 watt RMS amplifier</li>
<li>Can be linked to an Integrated Music System (e.g. Sonos)</li>
<li>USB Port</li>
<li>External Speaker Connections</li>
<li>Available in 115 V or 230 V [50/60 Hz]</li>
<li>Dimensions: (H) 150cm x (W) 85cm x (D) 50cm</li>
<li>Weight 320 lbs</li>


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