• Complete tear down. Stripped down both playfields. Removed mini playfield
  • Installed LED OCD board in back box for playfield inserts. Really makes a difference on insert lighting
  • Added 5 new flipper bats ( 2 are special for this title; extra-long for mini playfield ) All were replaced with new parts
  • Rebuilt 5 flipper assemblies with all new parts.
  • Added new plastic protectors under sling shot and outline plastics
  • Added premium silicone rubber kit for entire game including all flipper bats
  • Added all colored premium post rubbers
  • Added rear LED strip to illuminate playfield
  • Rebuilt ball shooter with new parts
  • Added new flipper buttons
  • Added new flipper bushings for upper flippers on mini playfield
  • Added ball through LED strip
  • Added all new 1/2 “ size post rubbers (Sega/ Data East style)
  • All new LED lighting, including flashers. Every bulb was replaced with LED
  • Added new batteries on CPU
  • Cleaned all playfield inserts for maximum brightness
  • Added new Garage door decal
  • Re-sleeved coils under playfield: Garage door, and mini playfield
  • Cleaned and waxed cabinet and back box with F11 products
  • Vacuum out cabinet
  • Added 5 new mirror glazed pinballs


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