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Sonic Sonic LED Basketball


This is one of the hottest basketball games on the market! Unlike most conventional basketball games, Sega Sonic Basketball takes up much less space. LED lighting on the edges of the game make it stand out especially in a dark area!

The action is just as jammed packed but your room will not be! There is a built in subwoofer that adds to the excitement of each basket made.
If you score 40 points in the first round your next round gets much harder. Instead of the basket remaining still, it now moves side to side! Make it up to the 4th round for championship points.
There is a metal net that adds to the realism and bright LED lights that flash each time you make a basket. This game has wheels so it can be moved very easily in any room. Game also comes with a built in ticket dispenser. This game is highly addicting!

SKU: 1019c8091693 Categories: , , , ,

Manufacture: Sega

Year: 2019


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