The Getaway


This Getaway is in great shape and has been fully shopped out and LED lighting has been installed. High Speed originally came out in 1986 and this version has been upgraded with a large DOT matrix display, a gear shifter instead of a shooter rod, and a super cool Supercharger ramp.
When lit, shoot the Supercharger ramp and the ball will spin like crazy around the loop! Use the gear shifter to accomplish the following:
Redline Mania By continuously shooting RPM (outer loops) you’ll be awarded gears (use the gearshift to collect the mentioned bonus): 1st Gear – 3 Million
2nd Gear – Hold Bonus
3rd Gear – Light Video Mode
4th Gear – Supercharger Mode
5th Gear – Light Redline Mania

ZZ Top's La Grange song jams in the background when you are playing!

THESE ARE STOCK PHOTOS, high res photos are available upon request.