The Hobbit Smaug Edition


This is the Hobbit Smaug Special Edition pinball machine. These are very limited in production and have additional features such as

•27 HD LCD Display featuring full color custom animation, movie clips, scoring, attract mode, back glass artwork and more..

•Gold Colored powder coated standard spring-loaded metal lockdown bar

•Gold Colored Smaug Toy

•RGB-LED Playfield Lighting

•Super-White LED GI Lighting

•Full color digitally printed cabinet and back box artwork

•7 Speaker 2.1 Digital Audio system.

•JJP coin door with added external headphone jack and volume control

•Each game will have a number affixed to the game apron to be seen under the playfield glass

•Premium Clear Coated Playfield


•Shaker Motor

•One Year Limited Warranty

•Wide Body

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Manufacture: Jersey Jack Pinball

Year: 2016


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