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This is not a typo, come see why this is the nicest Tron in the country! Our Tron had a full restoration job that took close to two months to complete. The list of restorations are as follows: New formica on both sides and front of cabinet, brand new side art, new inner cabinet art, new shroud art,new marquee, new control panel sticker installed as well as a new power supply. A new marquee was installed, new black light upper plastic art, new lower control panel plastic art installed, and new joystick insert. Also installed were all brand new flourecent lights, speakers, start buttons. The monitor was rebuilt and reguvenated, the coin door was sandblasted and repainted with a new Midway coin door logo installed.
Tron has four games in one, The MPC Grid, Light Cycles, Spiders, and Tank screen. GET YOUR GAME IN TIME FOR THE NEW TRON LEGACY MOVIE!!!

Out of Stock

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Manufacture: Midway

Year: 1982


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