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Twisted Nitro


This is one of the coolest driving games I have ever played! This game features HD graphics with a 32 inch monitor. There are twelve different jet propelled cars that you can choose from each with its own strengths for the asphalt, gravel, sand, mud and metal tracks that you race on. There are three track catagories.
1 The Aerobatic category is characterized by its twisted and menacing metal structures, which climb high into the air. Controlling speed is essential here to avoid the fatal fall.
2 The Jump category gives drivers one more element to control, the air. The F Jets mobile wings and jet engines enable speed and trajectory control during jumps.
3 The Supercross category offers a surface made up mainly of dirt. Controlling drift is fundamental for negotiating the slopes and the bumps well.

Check out Global VRs website with additional high res screen photos at HTTP://www.globalvr.com/products_twisted.html THIS GAME CAN BE LINKED WITH ADDITIONAL CABINETS!!!

SKU: 9908279ebbf1 Categories: , , , ,

Manufacture: Global VR

Year: 2013


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