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Welcome to Frightfearland


Fear has gripped the city. Over 100 people have gone missing…presumed taken by a group of lunatic carnival characters. Two special agents follow leads to the entrance of a dilapidated amusement park. They now know what they must do…enter Frightfearland to find and free the captives…and close the gates forever! This game is packed with action including 15 screens and a bonus round, 12 mini game missions, 6 boss characters, and 3 different endings depending on how you chose your path. Frightfearland features stunning graphics in Hi Def and amazing sound. The cabinet has a 42 inch LCD screen with neon that glows under the cabinet and around the speaker. Get yours today!

SKU: 9c01802ddb98 Categories: , ,

Manufacture: Global VR

Year: 2014


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