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Wizard of Oz 75th Anniversary


Out of Stock

This Wizard of Oz 75th Ruby edition pinball machine is truly a work of art!
Jersey Jack has maximized their wide body pinball machine to feature the most innovation and toys installed on a game in quite some time.
Here are some of the awesome features of the game
The upper right playfield features a spinning house with mini flipper
The upper left playfield has locking castle doors and a motorized magnetic monkey grabs the ball and places it up onto the upper playfield!
Look into the crystal ball to see special skill shots and animations
Shoot at the witch to make her melt and sink into the playfield while magnets make the ball swirl away on the playfield!
If your ball drains on the right side of the playfield and TOTO is lit, you have a chance to shoot the ball up the upper right ramp to make your ball go back into play!
If your balls drains on the left side of the playfield and the ball hits the targets around THERES NO PLACE LIKE HOME you also have a chance to save your ball in play.
The 75th anniversary edition comes with a shaker motor installed and you can add optional anti glare INVISIGLASS for an additional $300.

Out of Stock

Manufacture: Jersey Jack

Year: 2014


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