WWE Wrestlemania Limited Edition Game #002


As Hulk Hogan would say, Are you ready to rumble brother?!

Check out the new WWE WrestleMania Limited Edition pinball! Limited to only 400 units and signed by Hulk Hogan himself this game features the following

  • Brand new SPIKE electronics package by Stern features higher quality sound, enhanced illumination effects, and easier serviceability
  • Above the wrestling ring players will find a replica TitanTron 5.7 inch LCD screen which features footage from each wrestler!
  • There is a spinning CHAOS disc on the upper wrestling ring and the left and right flippers are used to deflect the ball off the bottom ropes!
  • Use the left WHAM BAR flipper to knock the ball off the wire ramp
  • Custom side art and glass backglass featuring all the Legends of Wrestling
  • Choose your favorite wrestler at the beginning of the game and hear their ring music while you play!
  • Train your wrestler to compete in a series of matches leading to the road to WrestleMania. Win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship during WrestleMania event for Final Wizard Mode!

There are 5 matches to qualify for Royal Rumble mini Wizard Mode. Players must qualify for a match by hitting a certain number of drop targets. After qualifying, players can then start a match by entering the ring and facing their opponent.

Once a match has begun, players can complete targets to defeat their opponents. Completion of a bank of targets will result in one of several basic wrestling moves.

Signature moves are valued higher and defeat opponents more quickly. An opponent can be defeated at the end of a match by entering the ring eject to pin or submit them.

When the opponent is defeated, the player will be able to collect bonus points for a limited amount of time before the game forces them to exit the ring.

Learn to perform SIGNATURE MOVES with your wrestler by shooting the 2 target banks and using the third flipper to further your gains.

Tag Team Multiball and Interference Multiball add to the excitement of this action packed game!

Be sure to get your hands on this limited edition game before it is gone!!

Manufacture: Stern

Year: 2015


Height: 75.5″
Width: 27″
Depth: 55″

210 lbs


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