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5 Carnival Game Rentals for Your Next Party

Whack a Mole game at JoystixIf you can’t bring your party to the carnival, why not bring the carnival to your party? Nowadays, it is easy to find carnival game rentals that you can set-up at your own party venue. The same companies that offer these game rentals also often provide pinball machines for sale for those who want to relive their childhood and arcade gaming days. There are many different types of entertaining carnival games that you can rent for a summer barbeque, a birthday party, or any other kind of event, among the most popular of which, include:

Cornhole – This classic outdoor game is extremely fun for guests of all ages because it is very simple to play. The game consists of two cornhole boards, one for each opposing side, along with several bean bags. The object of the game is to earn the most points by throwing the bean bags into the hole or making it on the board.

  1. Hi-Striker-type games – Who can forget this super popular carnival game? Hi-Striker tests the player’s strength and invites challengers to beat high-scorers or themselves by hitting the sensor with a hammer and attempting to hit the bell with the metal peg that rises depending on the force of the strike. Modern versions of the classic Hi-striker game exist, bringing the old favorite up to speed with today’s arcade systems with the help of awesome audio, bright LED lights, sound effects, and the ability to record high scores.

Mechanical bull – Much safer and gentler versions of the ultra-challenging mechanical bull ride are also widely available these days. They are great for western-themed parties, trade shows, as well as photo ops, slinging riders around with sheer mechanical strength.

Toy crane – Toy cranes are also very popular carnival game rentals that make for an excellent centerpiece in a children’s party or any type of event that needs an interesting twist.

Skee ball – This is another classic carnival game you should consider renting. There are many new and improved versions of this carnival staple, which now feature stylish enhancements like large LED score displays, rope lights that illuminate the alley, and bonus pockets for more chances of beating high scores.

Joystix Games is your best resource for carnival game rentals and pinball machines for sale. It provides an entire showroom of unique game cabinets, all available for sale or for rent to help you rediscover the joy of arcade gaming.

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