Dead Heat


Once again Namco has introduced another innovative and addicting game! Dead Heat gets the player totally in the game. When you sit down to start the game, a camera lets you take a picture of yourself! When you race, your picture is displayed over your car for all of your opponents to envy as they try to catch up!
Type in your personal PIN number in the keypad to give you power ups and to start your game with all of your previous upgrades.
Choose between San Fransisco, Chicago, London, or New York tracks and awesome cars like Nissan Skyline, Corvette, RX 7, Dodge Viper, Ford Mustang and more. Be sure to hit your Nitros button to blast past your opponents!
Dead Heat also offers cool features like remembering your driving styles in order to ghost race in future races.
Also by using the PIN pad Dead Heat will match your friends and let your racing group expand with other groups. Who needs Facebook?!
The high intensity blue LEDs make the game glow and stand out in the crowd. This will make a fantastic Christmas gift!

Manufacture: Namco

Year: 2013


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