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Fast Draw

Available for rentals only.

See how quick you really are at your fast draw skills!

Choose your skill level between Sheriff, Deputy, or Marshall.

Your gun must remain in the holster until you are given a signal to draw and fire. If you remove the gun from the holster or draw before a signal is given, you will be fouled.
If you are fouled in one showdown (including The Bonus Draw), you will be disqualified and proceed to the next. As soon as you are given the signal, you must draw and fire your gun at your opponent as quickly as possible before he or she fires at you.

In some gunfights, you will sometimes face two opponents instead of one, but you will only take on one at a time. The game ends when you have completed all four or five gunfights regardless of whether you win, lose or foul.
If you beat Wes Flowers in the Bonus Draw, you will be a grand winner and you will get to put your initials on one of the three tables of best players.

Each round you play records your reaction time. The player that gets the quickest time will be the winner.

This feature makes Fast Draw an excellent game for rentals or for doing promotions!

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Manufacture: American Laser Games

Year: 1998


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