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Mario and Sonic at the Tokyo Olympics


Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 is the only official licensed arcade game for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020! Players can participate in twelve events, including GYMNASTICS, RUGBY, DISCUS THROW, TRIPLE JUMP, 100M, SPORT CLIMBING, SURFING & SWIMMING; as well as four retro events DIVING, 110M HURDLES, SHOOTING and VAULT that pay homage to the Olympic Games Tokyo 1964. Choose from a legendary cast of characters including MARIO, SONIC, LUIGI, AMY, TAILS, KNUCKLES, DR. EGGMAN, SHADOW, YOSHI, WARIO, BOWSER, PEACH, METAL SONIC, KOOPA JR, DONKEY KONG, VECTOR, WALUIGI, BLAZE, DAISY and SLIVER.


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