Mini Golf

Available for rentals only

Want to have something new and fun at your next event?

Check out these brand new mini golf courses! We have 6 to choose from with each one having its own unique characteristics.
Each course varies in length from 8 to 11 feet. They make look easy but are very challenging!

Hole 1 has a moving windmill so your shot has to be timed perfectly.

Hole 2 has an elevated ramp which is hard to make.

Hole 3 has a cool 90 degree mini platform. If you hit the ball into horizontal hazard, it will drain into a sand trap. If you shoot the ball into the hole it will drain into the hole on the mini platform!

Hole 4 features a water hazard as well as two sand traps. You must hit the ball with precision to have it wrap around the back side of the course in order to hit a hole in one!

Hole 5 features a raised water trap that you must bank the ball off the edges in order to get a hole in one.

Hole 6 features a ramp shot over the water hazard! Hit the ball just right to get it in the hole.

Each mini golf course comes with a putter and two balls.

Manufacture: Golf

Year: 2016


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