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One Arm Bandit Money Machine


This new money machine is perfect when space is a premium. The One Arm Bandit is equal in fun and reliability as the larger Money Traveler Money Machine.
This money machine is compact and sits on top of its stand.

You can load up to 100 bills, tickets, or coupons in the machine. The player stands behind the machine and reaches their hand through the opening grabbing as many bills as possible.
The game is normally set for 10 seconds but can be adjusted according to the customers needs.
LED lights illuminate the machine while it is running and a red beacon light rotates to add to the excitement.
The operation of the machine is a breeze! Simply flip the toggle switch on the side to on and press the START button and the game will operate and shut off after the allotted time.
Flip the switch to attract mode and the machine will continuously blow the money around to attract everyone! Ask us about our promotion ideas to add even more excitement to your event!!!

Manufacture: Fun Industries

Year: 2015


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