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Terminator Salvation 32 inch


If you do not have room for the deluxe Terminator then look no further! You can now have all of same action with a smaller footprint. The main difference of the game is the fixed mounted guns which make it much easier for our younger gamers to enjoy. Enjoy all of the same awesome sounds and watch all the hi def action of the 32 inch LCD. One word, WOW! From the original designers of the smash hit T2 arcade game from the 90s comes Terminator Salvation. Your goal is to destroy and stop the advance of the evil T600 Terminators and their resistance. Blast your way through tons of enemies and collect power ups like grenades, mini guns, and shotguns to name a few. Game play is very deep with several levels that contain different missions. You will be exhausted before you can defeat this game! Only a limited supply is available now so be sure to get yours now before they are gone!

SKU: d2ed45a52bc0 Categories: , ,

Manufacture: Raw Thrills

Year: 2010


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