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Theatre of Magic with LED Lighting and Upgrades


This Theatre of Magic pinball is in great shape and has been recently shopped out.
The following upgrades have been made:
-LED Lighting added to the playfield and controlled lighting
-Titan translucent rubbers installed on the playfield
-New trunk installed
-Flippers rebuilt and new coils installed
-New playfield glass installed
-New legs, leg levelers and leg bolts have been installed
-And much more!

There is a magic trunk that has 3 active sides. Hit the wooden side to rotate the trunk, the 2nd side has a ball lock and the 3rd side has a magnetic target that grabs the balls and then rotates to drop it under the playfield to start the Trunk Multi-ball.
Shoot up the ramp and a giant magnet diverts the ball from one ramp to another. There is even a cool trap door that shoots up from the playfield during Multi-ball!


Height: 75.5″
Width: 27″
Depth: 55″

260 lbs

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