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5 Game Rentals That’ll Take Your Party to the Next Level

5 Game Rentals That'll Take Your Party to the Next LevelHere’s a theme idea for your next party: Classic Arcade. It’s so easy to rent pinball machines, commercial arcade games, and dancing, racing, and other carnival games from Joystix! Our catalog will show you all of your options—and there are hundreds to choose from. A bit overwhelmed? Don’t worry—we have 5 suggestions to get you started.

1. Pacman arcade games
There’s no need to buy your own Pacman game for sale because you can rent one (or three) from us. Try the Pac Man Arcade Party Countertop—a smaller version of a full-size arcade game. Don’t let its size fool you, because it has a ton of classic games including Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Galaxian, Galaga and more!
You can also rent the cocktail version—a blast from the past that we lovingly rebuilt to look and feel like the original. Your guests will have hours of fun reliving their childhood with this game.

2. Pop A Shot
It was in 1986 when Pop A Shots became the most popular arcade basketball game. Bring the nostalgia back at your next party by renting one from us! Our all-steel-frame Pop A Shot is the real thing—not like those flimsy plastic models you might have seen elsewhere. It’s height-adjustable for kids and adults. The high score stays on the display for other guests to challenge!

3. Ping Pong Table
We also offer competition-style, full-size ping pong tables for rent. Aside from being fun for everyone, our ping pong tables are also easy to move. Simply fold it up and go.

4. Mario Kart DX
This brand-new masterpiece from Namco is arguably better than Mario Kart Arcade GP2 with its new courses, karts, game modes, and features. The LED lit rainbow cabinet and 42-inch HD monitor will light up your venue. This model has three game modes: Co-Op, Versus, and Grand Prix—your guests will love it!

5. Golf Challenge
Designed for avid golfers, as well as people who have never hit a golf ball in their life, this crowd favorite comes with its own heavy-duty frame and vinyl canvas. The Velcro-receptive backdrop ensures that the Velcro practice balls stay where you hit them. It’s compact and inexpensive to rent. Use it indoors or outside—wherever the party takes you. Set up takes only five minutes!

Talk to our staff today if you are interested in renting other games, from pinball machines to music and dance games. If you want it, we probably have it. After all, Joystix is a leader when it comes to arcade game rentals. We also offer new pinball machines for sale as well as refurbished and rebuilt classics. You can see our full catalog on our website. Contact us if you have any questions!

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