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FX Air Hockey: How to Play and Win Every Time

Air FX Air HockeyFoosball and air hockey table games are among those games that anyone can simply play and enjoy—no prior training or practice required. In fact, a lot of people seem to have a natural talent for these games and become instantly good at them. The dynamics of play are so simple that anyone can participate without any real background or knowledge of the basic rules.

That said, frequent practice will definitely help you become a better player in foosball or air hockey. If you want to know more about the ins and outs of air hockey, then you have come to the right place! Read on to get started with the basic rules of the game and some useful tips you can use to get better and win consistently.

The Basic Rules of Air Hockey

Players each have a mallet with which to hit the puck. Other iterations of the game allow two mallets per player for double-fisted moves.

The puck can be struck using any part of the air hockey mullet. However, it should never be “topped.”

Who serves is determined by the side in possession of the pack or the player scored upon. Scores are counted whenever a player hits the goal, although more specific scoring rules also apply, depending on the type of game being played.

Players shouldn’t go beyond the centerline of the air hockey table on their respective sides. After each game, players ought to switch sides to make things interesting and keep the game unbiased.

Only one time-out is allowed per game and shouldn’t go beyond 10 seconds. Time-outs are only applicable when the puck is in your possession.

How to Play Air Hockey Like a Pro

Air FX Air HockeyA good air hockey move has a lot to do with the way that you hold your mallet. There is a right and wrong way to hold an air hockey mallet—and it’s not just about gripping it comfortably, palms on the rounded top. While this grip does feel comfortable, it doesn’t offer much speed and accuracy. The optimal way to hold a mallet is with your ring finger and forefinger on either side of the paddle and your middle finger placed back. This provides optimal control of the puck’s action.

Now that you know how to best hold your air hockey mallet, you can begin learning about offensive strategies that can help you consistently. A good offensive strategy is also your best defense in air hockey. By making it increasingly difficult for the other side to score, you create a strong defense and set yourself up for an even stronger offensive strategy.

Be prepared with skilled shots and master basic tactics like the straight shot and the bank shot—these are excellent score shots, basic as they may be if you know how to time their use. Defend the goal at all times and learn how to track the puck with your eyes and not your hands so you can be in a constant defensive position.

Where to Get Air Hockey and Foosball Tables

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