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Pinball Tips: How to Play Like a Pro

Pinball has been popular since the 1930s, combining bright lights, exciting sounds, and high levels of dexterity in one of the most thrilling and enduring games of all time. Even today, pinball machine rentals are everywhere—including in amusement arcades and places where you would typically find these retro gaming cabinets. New pinball machines for sale are also coming on to the market as more people become devoted to the game, many of them pursuing the competitive play. Does this sound like you? Do you want to compete and rank better in tournaments?

Learning the right skills is important if you want to get serious about playing the game. Honing your skills is all about continuous learning. Luckily, professional players are always generous with their tips and tricks, as well as their strategies. Below are some great insights to help you achieve pinball greatness:

  1. Compete.

Competitive play is one of the best ways to push yourself into getting better at pinball. Participating in actual matches and tournaments puts you in competitive mode and pushes you to rise above the adrenaline-filled and spirited environment where you are racing to be better than everyone else.

Competition turns ‘good’ players into really ‘great’ pinball players. When you go up against other people, you are training yourself to handle the pressure of being in a contest (whereas your local arcade only challenges you to break high score records). Competing with players who are better than you will help you push yourself harder and work more to enhance your skillset.

  1. Observe.

Tournaments are great avenues to watch the best players in action. As well as competing, another great way to improve your skills is to observe how the pros play. Watching experts will help you gain more insight into the game and let you learn strategies and tactics that you can use in your own play. Observing other people will also help you learn more about your very own techniques and style because you will come to realize that there’s more than just one way to play the game.

  1. Train.

Just like any sport or game, you wouldn’t get very far in your journey without training and practice. Use your practice time wisely—whether it be in your local arcade or right at home, with your own pinball machine.

One thing that you should keep in mind when it comes to training for pinball is that not all machines are the same. This is why it pays to prepare yourself to be adaptable. Don’t get too comfortable playing one machine because the techniques that work for that particular machine may not be as effective on another.

It is important to learn how to tweak your moves, techniques, and strategies to match the playfield you are on. Practicing basic shots and honing certain skills will get you far, but you should always be prepared to adapt to any playfield, especially during competition. Through it all, do not forget to have FUN in the game. This is probably the most important aspect of playing. After all, pinball was created to be a lighthearted and fun game for all.

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