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AC DC Premium Vault Edition


We just received a shipment of brand new AC/DC Premium Vault machines!

Video Below

This machine looks beautiful and packs a powerful punch of enhancements. In addition to the stunning red accented legs, side rails and lockdown bar this premium game features the following:

  • 12 powered sub woofer, enhanced speakers and beefed up amp!
  • UNDERWORLD lower Mini Playfield with 2 flippers, 3 targets, and a left and right loop shot
  • Hells Bells swinging Newton Ball Pendulum with score sensor. Hidden magnets under the playfield can start the bell swinging remotely!
  • 5 Bank AC DC drop targets on left side of playfield
  • 3 Bank TNT drop targets in center with hidden target behind that causes the detonator to go down and fire!
  • Crossover ball track with divertor that allows the ball from the left ramp to be loaded in the cannon on the right ramp.
  • Animated band members rock back and forth and play their instruments to the music.
  • Unique backglass translightHighway to Hell
  • Animated LED Flames Tunnel
  • 3D Rock and Roll train with LEDs in headlight and horns
  • Back in Black Super Bright LED Strobe Lights

Manufacture: Stern

Year: 2014


Height: 75.5″
Width: 27″
Depth: 55″

250 lbs


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