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Arcade Legends 3


The much anticipated Arcade Legends sequel has arrived! NOW WITH up to 165 GAMES instead of the original 135 games all packed into this brand new cabinet including all 29 of the Golden Tee Complete courses and Midway classics like Defender, Joust, Robotron, Spy Hunter, and much more!
NEW GAMES WILL BE LISTED SOON, some new ones include Street Fighter II Champion Edition, Double Dragon, 1943 and Final Fight.
Tons of hit games from Atari, Taito, Data East, Exidy, and Incredible Technologies to name a few!
A 27 inch crystal clear LCD screen make the game graphics come to life!
The game menu is very user friendly and games can be selected by manufacturer or selected from the ALL GAMES menu. You can also create your own Favorites List of games that you play the most often. Before you start your chosen game, a preview screen shows a demo of the game play and controls that are used.
Additional game packs will be available in the near future.
Check out these awesome games featured

10 Yard Fight 1983, Irem
Alpine Ski 1982, Taito
Anteater 1982, Stern
Arkanoid 1986, Taito
Arkanoid 2 1988, Taito
Armored Car 1981, Stern
Asteriods 1979, Atari
Asteroids Deluxe 1980, Atari
Battle Chopper 1987, Irem
Battle Road 1984, Irem
Battlezone 1980, Atari
Berzerk 1980, Stern
Black Widow 1982, Atari
Bubble Bobble 1986, Taito
Calipso 1982, Stern
Cameltry 1989, Taito
Centipede 1980, Atari
Chack n Pop 1983, Taito
Cheyenne 1984, Exidy
Clay Pigeon 1986, Exidy

Combat 1985, Exidy
Crack Shot 1987, Exidy
Crime City 1989, Taito
Crossbow 1983, Exidy
Crystal Castles 1983, Atari
Defender 1980, Williams
Dragon Breed 1989, Irem
Elevator Action 1983, Taito
Fax 1983, Exidy
Final Blow 1988, Taito
Food Fight 1983, Atari
Frenzy 1982, Stern
Gallop 1991, IremGolden Tee Golf 1990, Incredible Technologies
Golden Tee Golf 2 1992, Incredible Technologies
Golden Tee Fore! Mystic Hills
2000-2005, Incredible Technologies
Golden Tee Fore! Suerte del Sol 2000-2005, Incredible Technologies
Golden Tee Fore! Crimson Rock
Golden Tee Fore! Pine Meadow
Golden Tee Fore! Bay Side
Golden Tee Fore! Rattlesnake Ridge
Golden Tee Fore! Castleshire
Golden Tee Fore! Maple Acres
Golden Tee Fore! Kiwi Springs

Golden Tee Fore! Crawdad Swamp
Golden Tee Fore! Buckhorn
Golden Tee Fore! Kings Canyon
Golden Tee Fore! Bluestone
Golden Tee Fore! Bluestone Amatuer
Golden Tee Fore! Heartland Creek
Golden Tee Fore! Tropical Falls
Golden Tee Fore! Eagles Peak
Golden Tee Fore! Eagles Peak Amatuer
Golden Tee Fore! Blue Horizon
Golden Tee Fore! Blue Horizon Amatuer
Golden Tee Fore! Swords Pointe
Golden Tee Fore! Cedar Meadows
Golden Tee Fore! Shadow Swamp
Golden Tee Fore! Ridgewood
Golden Tee Fore! Painted Gorge
Golden Tee Fore! Oak Hollows
Golden Tee Fore! Sapphire Springs
Golden Tee Fore! Balmoral Greens
Gorf 1980, Midway
Gravitar 1982, Atari
Great Swordsman 1984, Taito
Hammerin Harry 1990, Irem
Hard Hat 1982, Exidy
Hit N Miss 1982, Exidy
Joust 1982, Williams
Jungle Hunt 1982, Taito
Kengo 1989, Irem
Klax 1990, Atari
Kung Fu Master 1984, Irem
Legend of Hero Tonma 1989, Irem
Liberator 1982, Atari
Liquid Kids 1990, Taito
Lost Tomb 1983, Stern
Lunar Lander 1979, Atari
Lunar Rescue 1979, Taito
Major Title 1990, Irem)
Millipede 1982, Atari
Minefield 1983, Stern
Missle Command 1980, Atari
Moon Patrol 1982, Irem
Moon War 1981, Stern
Mouse Trap 1981, Exidy
Nastar 1988, Taito
Ninja Kids 1990, Taito
Ninja Spirit 1988, Irem
Pepper II 1982, Exidy
Pirate Pete 1982, Taito
Plotting 1989, Taito
Plump Pop 1987, Taito
Puzzle Bobble 1994, Taito
Qix 1981, Taito
Rainbow Islands 1987, Taito
Rainbow Islands Extra 1988, Taito
Rampage 1986, Midway
Rastan 1987, Taito
Red Baron 1980, Atari
Rescue 1982, Stern
Return Of The Invaders 1985, Taito
Robotron 2084, 1982 Williams
Root Beer Tapper 1983, Midway
Satans Hollow 1983, Midway
Showdown 1988, Exidy
Side Trak 1979, Exidy
Space Duel 1982, Atari
Space Invaders 1978, Taito
Space Invaders DX 1993, Taito
Spectar 1980, Exidy
Speed Coin 1984, Stern

Spy Hunter 1983, Midway
Spy Hunter 2 1984, Midway
Stargate 1982, Williams
Super Breakout 1978,Atari
Super Qix 1987, Taito
Targ 1980, Exidy
Tazz Mania 1982, Stern
Tempest 1980, Atari
The New Zealand Story 1988, Taito
Toobin 1986, Atari
Tropical Angel 1983, Irem

Venture1981, Exidy
Warlords 1980, Atari
Water Ski 1983, Taito
Who Dunit 1988, Exidy
Wizard of Wor 1980, Midway
World Class Bowling 1997, Incredible Technologies
X Multiply 1989, Irem
Zippy Race 1983, Irem
Zoo Keeper 1982, Taito

Bionic Commando
Bogey Manor
Captain Commando
Carrier Airwing
The Combatribes
Double Dragon
Double Dragon 3
Final Fight
Gate of Doom
Ghosts N Goblins
Ghouls N Ghosts
Karate Champ
The King of Dragons
Mega Man
Street Fighter II
Street Fighter II Champion Edition

Manufacture: Chicago Gaming

Year: 2015


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