Champion Pub


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This Champion Pub is in excellent condition and has been upgraded with LED lighting! This machine is jammed packed with goodies like the ones listed below:
-Punching Bag, hit it several times to score points and it will rotate to reveal a boxer!
-Boxer with arms that swing up and down simulating punches! You can hit the ball at his stomach for a body blow or up the right or left green ramp to simulate an uppercut or jab! There are several different opponents from all around the world each with their own taunts and appropriate accents!
-Jump rope, the ball will magnetize and when the metal rope spins around, you need to press the flipper button to jump over it. You need to be careful because the speed varies and you will get knocked off if you are too slow!
-Speed Bag, repeatedly press the left and right flipper buttons to hit the bag and if your timing is off, your ball will be lost and drain to the playfield.

This game is a blast to play and has many multi-ball features as well.

THESE ARE STOCK PHOTOS, high res photos of this game available upon request.

Out of Stock