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Digital Bubbler Jukebox


This is the perfect jukebox for your home or office! Chicago Gaming has done a beautiful job with their reproduction of the classic 1015 jukebox. Each side of the jukebox has bubble tubes and color gels that rotate to create changing colors. The Digital Bubbler is non coin operated and can hold up to 700 CDs in it huge 250 MB hardrive!
The jukebox sounds marvelous with its 12 inch subwoofer in the rear of the cabinet and multiple mid and high channel speakers. The Digital Bubbler features 250 watts of power and you can hook up surround sound speakers to make your home or office sound great! Loading up the jukebox is a breeze. You simply insert your CD in the hideaway CD drive door and your music is loaded in under 2 minutes!
The 6 inch LCD screen displays each CD on the jukebox and you can navigate the various artists by using the buttons on the side of it. Priced at close to $2000 less than a Wurlitzer. JOYSTIX OFFERS THE DIGITAL BUBBLER JUKEBOX FOR RENTALS!! OUR JUKEBOX HAS TONS OF BILLBOARD HITS FROM THE 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, AND MUCH MORE!!

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Manufacture: Chicago Gaming

Year: 2013


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