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Mandalorian Premium


In Star Wars lore, The Mandalorian story takes place 5 years after Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi. This series tells the story of a lone bounty hunter who goes on the run after being hired to retrieve The Child (who is not Yoda as a baby).


The Mandalorian Pro has a very full playfield with great shots, spell outs and easy to follow rules, which build to increasingly higher levels for better players. In the center of the playfield, between the sling shots, a pattern of 3 easy to understand insert displays count progression through Encounters, Missions, and Razer Crest multiball awards toward 3 different Wizard Modes, culminating in the Final Wizard Mode. Play starts with 5 rollovers at the top, spelling C-H-I-L-D under a custom molded The Child, before the ball enters the pop bumper area. An up-post in the orbits can also redirect balls into C-H-I-L-D rollovers. Shooting multiple times through the sweet spot at playfield center, under the custom molded Razer Crest ship, starts multiball play with 3 or 4 balls, even more balls if players earn add-a-balls. There are 3 smooth plastic ramps, 2 of which direct the ball to the return lanes. The center third ramp has a control gate to stage a ball for Razer Crest multiball. The left ramp has a diverter to transport balls to the Encounter mini-playfield area with 6 targets for a rule completion plus its own flipper; thus The Mandalorian has 3 flippers in total. The game has a spinning target and scoop & vuk on the left and a mini loop on the right.


Shots and rules progressions are indicated with 18 RGB lights. GI lighting is enhanced with color changing LED’s. Custom speech is provided by actor Carl Weathers, who plays Greef Karga. The Ludwig Göransson The Mandalorian theme music envelops game play. Action is augmented with Season 1 and Season 2 videos.


Additions and changes for the Premium/LE are substantial. The diverter on Encounter ramp still feeds the mini-playfield, but the mini-playfield is no longer just an area of the playfield. This mini-playfield is a motorized, separate playfield, moving from a 45 degree angle to parallel and above the playfield. Added is a 2nd flipper on the Encounter mini-playfield, making 4 flippers on Premium/LE games. There is an up-post at mini-playfield exit. Under The Child is a “Force” magnet to catch the ball and create exiting action. All ramps have chrome wire returns. The mini-loop on the right features a rule controlled dynamic up-down scoop loading an added wire ramp feeding the left ramp return.


Based on our dealer and distributor input, we have decided to make 750 Limited Edition The Mandalorian games, each with

  • High gloss Beskar inspired armor and legs
  • Mirrored backglass – the most exciting and stunning I have ever seen
  • Upgraded audio system
  • Shaker motor
  • Non-glare playfield glass
  • Certificate of authenticity signed by me
  • Designer autograph
  • Sequentially numbered (1 to 750) plate


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