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Team Building and Why it Matters

A group of people within an organization often refer to themselves as a team, but do all members really feel this way? Building a strong team of employees takes a lot more than just sticking a bunch of people in a workspace together. Experts recommend strategic team building to turn a group of co-workers into a unified team.

A unified team works better together to achieve business goals. When learning to work together cohesively, these efforts are only magnified. A great way to bring the members of your team together is by helping them to get to know each other better. As team members get to know each other on a more personal level, they begin to see others as more than just work associates. By learning to appreciate each team member as an individual, the team gains a stronger sense of loyalty and purpose as a whole.

You’ll be hard pressed to find anyone who doesn’t enjoy a little fun and friendly competition. Putting team members in an environment centered around entertainment helps bridge the gap between team members by allowing them the opportunity to become more comfortable with each other. This in turn begins to build trust. Time spent actively engaging in fun group activities goes a long way in breaking down barriers. As the saying goes, laughter is the best medicine!

Arcade games are loved by everyone, and what better way to get your team to engage with each other than a friendly game of Giant Connect Four? Games like Mini Golf, Nascar Team Racing, Maze Runner, and more are the perfect way to put a smile on the faces of your team members and offers an easy and fun way for individuals to connect with each other in a relaxed environment. Interactive games provide a purposeful way for team members to build trust with each other by showing them that others have their backs in friendly competition.

As team members begin building trust with each other, they are also learning to effectively communicate in the process. Guiding team members through group games helps to improve communication skills that will in turn transfer to the work environment. Foosball, for example, allows the team leader to pre-select players to compete against each other in teams. As each team works to defeat the opponent team, they develop listening and problem-solving skills. Players must rely on their partners to achieve the ultimate goal of winning, building better communication and trust in the process.

Another great advantage of hosting team-building exercises with arcade games or pinball machine rentals is watching employees reveal hidden skills that may not have been obvious in the workplace. It is quite often the case that many employees do not feel like they are given the opportunity to show everything they are capable of. In a more relaxed arcade environment, individuals tend to lose some of their inhibitions and are much more likely to reveal those hidden skills. Suddenly, the always quiet soft-spoken HR rep becomes an outspoken leader of their team!

Intentional team building has so many positive advantages, including building trust and communication skills among team members. There is practically no downside to fun and engaging team-building exercises. An afternoon spent at the arcade leads to a stronger and more productive team.

At Joystix, we believe in the power of team building and offer a wide variety of ultimate team-building games for your next office event. Our impressive line of games helps your team of employees transform into a unified group. It motivates your workforce to trust and support one another and respect each other’s individuality. Our arcade games are a great solution for your corporate team building exercises. Rent them today for your next corporate event!

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