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How to Throw an Awesome Party with Arcade Game Rentals

commercial arcade gamesYou can’t get more retro 80s than classic arcade video games. When thinking of an awesome party theme for your next event—be it a birthday party for the beloved boomer in your life, or a throwback soiree to show Gen Z kids the social fun they missed—renting commercial arcade games is something worth a try. It’s great for all ages!

The beauty of classic arcade video games is in their universality. They are simple games with far less complex lores and storylines, simple controls, and quick gameplay. For anyone who grew up in the glory days of the arcade, these video games conjure up nothing but happy, adrenaline-filled memories of trying to make it on the high score roster, beating the games, and scrounging for more quarters so you can play just a little bit longer.

Are you thinking about throwing an arcade-themed party? There are several ways to go about renting or even buying commercial arcade games and machines.

Joystix Games offers classic arcade video games for sale and for rent, making them the perfect source for the arcade classics people have grown to know and love. They are among the country’s largest retailers of new and classic pinball machines and other arcade games and favorites that are sought after by enthusiasts, collectors, and hobbyists. You may rent arcade games from a huge inventory of new titles and even refurbished classics like Pac Man, Donkey Kong, Galaga, Frogger, and other hard to find titles.

An arcade-themed party could also use some music and dance games to get your guests’ moving, or perhaps some carnival games for a feel-good and nostalgic time. Carnival games make perfect party games because they let your guests win all kinds of exciting prizes. You may likewise stir up everyone’s competitive nature by setting up table games or perhaps put them in a head to head racing action. If you are expecting active guests, let them burn their energy with sports games.

Arcade game rentals offer a great many opportunities to throw a memorable party for your friends, colleagues, or family. Whether you choose to rent or buy games, classic arcade video games are fool-proof additions to any event.

Companies like Joystix Games even feature a special showroom that can be rented for parties. Joystix’s showroom is fully equipped and ready to host almost any type of event. It features an entire range of games that can be tailor-fitted to match your theme—all in a fun and professional atmosphere. An adjoining lounge can likewise be accessible to party-goers who want to share precious moments over wine, craft beers, bourbon, or their favorite drink.

Joystix also offers exciting rental packages to help make creating your arcade game repertoire easier. From classic arcade to pub and sports games, carnival games, and 80s and 90s classics, you’ll find no shortage of commercial arcade games to choose from and rent at Joystix.

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