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5 Tips for Turning Your Company Party into a Carnival

Sonic Sonic LED BasketballThere’s nothing more dreaded than a boring company party. The awkward small talk, bad catering, forced ‘team’ activities—no wonder people can’t wait to get out of there. So, if you’re in charge of planning your next company event, make it exciting. Why not choose a carnival theme? It’s relaxing, it’s fun, easy to plan, and surprisingly affordable to execute. Most invitees will immediately feel excited to attend the event because they have happy memories of going to carnivals when they were younger. So how do you start planning? Here are some tips:

  1. Look for carnival game rentals early on.

A carnival themed party is only as good as its games. This is definitely one of the first things to think about when planning your event. Joystix offers carnival games for corporate events that you can rent for a reasonable fee. We have classics like Whack a Mole, Zoltar Fortune Teller, Candy House Candy Crane, Giant Plinko, King of the Hammer, and all kinds of pinball machines including Houdini Pinball. We even have a bull riding machines and photo booths!

When choosing carnival game rentals, think about who your guests are. Is it going to be an adults-only corporate event, or will everyone be bringing their kids to the party? Choose a good mix of age-appropriate games so that all guests can have fun.

  1. Decide on a venue and a layout.

Find a venue based on how many people will be attending and the kinds of games and activities you plan on providing. Think about whether you’re setting up a bar, chairs and tables, etc. The setup and layout has to be logical; it should help guests intuitively find their way around. Your venue needs to have ample electrical outlets if you’re bringing in pinball machines and other such carnival game rentals.

Joystix actually provides a ‘playground’ suitable for company parties. You can rent our showroom, which features carnival games for corporate events as well as arcade games and other fun machines! Complimentary parking is available and AV equipment (screen, projector, and powered microphone with speakers) can be provided for a fee.

  1. Plan for the kids

Do not forget the little ones when planning your party. Even for a corporate party, many will bring the kids along. Setting up Foosball or Air hockey are great options if your expecting kids at your party.

  1. Sports challenges

A carnival-themed party is not complete without some challenges. You can plan your own games and challenges to bring together your entire team. Think pinball face off or getting your team into friendly racing games.

  1. Think about food.

The great thing about a carnival themed corporate party is that you don’t have to spend too much on good food. Carnival food is typically finger food—easy to eat, easy to serve, and always crowd-pleasing. Think along the lines of hotdogs, cotton candy, popcorn, chicken fingers, cupcakes, etc. Your guests will love it!

When you rent the Joystix showroom for your party, you and your guests can easily access the adjoining lounge. We serves drinks that your guests can bring to the showroom and enjoy while playing their favorite games. Talk to us if you’d like to set up an open Bar or want to distribute drink tickets to your guests. We allow food catering for no additional fees!

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