Addams Family


This is the most popular and sought after pinball of all time and we currently have 4 of them available from $7595 to $9995. There are a lot of cool features like an actual hand “Thing” that grabs the ball and takes it into the playfield
and “The Power” mode in which 3 magnets energize under the playfield and make the balls go crazy! This game has been fully shopped out and is in very nice shape.

The following has been done to the machine:

  • Playfield has been disassembled and cleaned and waxed thoroughly
  • All new bulbs have been installed
  • All new rubbers have been installed
  • New flipper coils, linkage assemblies, coil backstops, and flipper contact switches have been installed
  • New pinball legs, leg bolts,and leg levelers have been installed
  • Coin door has been repainted and new locks have been installed
  • New pinballs have been installed

Manufacture: Bally

Year: 1992


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